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About Us

Who is First American Tax Defense?

First American Tax is a dedicated group of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, certified public accountants and tax professionals passionate about resolving and preventing tax problems with both the State and Federal taxing authorities. We provide personalized attention to the details of each case, fully representing our clients in all dealings with the IRS Tax Debt Relief. We believe what distinguishes us is our desire to earn the confidence and loyalty of our clients. We listen to our clients to ensure we are meeting their needs and work hard everyday to deliver on this promise. We insist upon the strict confidentiality of all client information. Because we have access to high security client information, we have specific procedures that ensure client information remains confidential.

What We Do

First American Tax Defense combines both the best and brightest minds in the industry with world class proprietary technology to fully resolve tax problems. Our people and technical expertise can prevent bank levies and wage garnishments, prepare and file tax returns to ensure our clients are fully compliant, and qualify our clients for the best possible resolution available under United States tax code. Our direct conduits into the State and Federal taxing authorities allow us the ability to expedite the resolution process on behalf of our clients and provides us with a competitive advantage in the industry. We are determined to keep our clients hard earned money in their pockets.Since each taxpayer’s situation is different, our team takes pride in their vast knowledge and experience in understanding the IRS and State agency codes. Our professional staff knows which tax codes to enforce and how to negotiate positive outcomes for our clients.

We are a values-driven company and our core values include the following:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Our Client’s interest always comes first
  • Taking care of our people
  • Giving back to our community
  • Doing the “right” thing
  • Respect for all people
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Building strong relationships
  • Delivering what we promise

First American Tax Defense Crisis Center

At First American Tax Defense, we have organized the crisis center for situations where clients have an immediate IRS deadline or need immediate relief from an IRS’ unreasonable collection action. The crisis center is our industry leading service that works for you within hours and not days or months, in order to resolve your tax issues.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation

We consolidate your federal student loans.

We provide student loan relief services. Whether you’re looking to reduce your student loan payments, obtain financial aid to go back to school or escape the negative consequences of student loan default, we will help you to consolidate your student loans and make the federal student loan repayment process easier.

Whether you want to simplify the maze of loans, reduce monthly payment, escape default, or stop wage garnishment, we can help! Through direct student loan consolidation, we can help to clarify your federal student loans, and reduce your loan payments to one, easy, and affordable low payment.

What we can do for you!

  • Help you get out of default
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Prevent tax liens
  • Reduce student loan payments
  • Consolidate payments into one monthly payment
  • Improve your credit score

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All cases are unique and handled accordingly ; no actual reduction is portrayed or implied . There is no guarantee as to the outcome of any case . First American Tax Defense is not a LAW FIRM.